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Newsfeeds, Video, Events, And Creative Under One Roof

As one of the largest video and event production companies in the nation, 信誉最好的网投十大平台 brings powerful production capabilities to the Cleveland area. Our Cleveland Studios are located in the historic Bradley Building in Cleveland’s Warehouse District.

Not only do we deliver Cleveland newsfeeds to all major outlets, we’re also creative directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, designers, set builders, and streaming engineers — 140+ employee-owners — aligned around a company mission to craft and deliver experiences that deepen human connections and inspire people to care and act.

Our breadth is a key differentiator. We produce virtual events with broadcast television energy, because we’ve always lived in both worlds. We apply the bedrocks of live TV to the virtual space: narrative impact, rapid visual storytelling, pacing and entertainment value. That’s how you resonate.

Today’s brand experiences require multidisciplinary expertise –  live and virtual event production, video production, motion graphics, social media content creation, experiential activations, the list goes on. 信誉最好的网投十大平台 backs you with every one of those disciplines under one roof. The other relevant trend: how to tackle those challenges with smaller budgets, faster turnaround times, and fewer resources than ever before.

Our teams bring fresh eyes to your live and virtual events, transforming conventional agendas into far stronger event narratives. On the video front, we produce hundreds of projects a year for the country’s leading brands, from broadcast campaigns to quick-turn social media videos. Clients who trust us with their largest projects also bring us their leanest.

Our teams are uniquely empowered to help you produce at every scale. We are 100% employee-owned and have been recognized as one of Ohio’s Best Places to Work.


Main Desk: (216) 443-0468

Master Control/Trouble: (614) 850-2056

IFB Studio 1: (614) 850-2118

PL Studio 1: (614) 850-2119

IFB Studio 2: (216) 443-0465

PL Studio 2: (216) 443-0466

IFB Studio 3: (614) 850-2155

PL Studio 3: (614) 850-2156

9:00 am – 5:00 pm


To book studio services, call any of the numbers listed below 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

*Bob Press, Production Manager: (614) 205-8204

Dave King, Chief Engineer: (614) 653-2392

John McOwen, Operations Manager: (614) 205-8241

*Primary contact

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